The Lince Hotels & Resorts Covid 19 Protocol

The Lince Hotels & Resorts Covid 19 Protocol aims to guarantee the safety and well-being of Guests, Employees and other Partners, with whom we work every day. At the same time, we take into consideration the sustainability goals of Azores Islands.

We set these Protocol measures to meet the directives from DGS / DRS and Turismo de Portugal (Clean & Safe Stamp), in controlling the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, as well as the reinforcement HACCP procedures and best environmental\ practices.


We prepared the contingency plan for COVID-19 and its procedures to be adopted in the event of a suspected case, in accordance with the instructions of the Regional Health Authorities. We contemplate both Guests and Employees.


We promote the option of pre-checking in online and, therefore, to reduce the time spent in this process, upon arrival at the hotel; All service at the reception is performed at recommended distance of 1.5 / 2 meters between the guest and the employee; The use of the elevator is exclusive for the number of people using the same lodging; We have reduced the maximum capacity at the bar, restaurant, meeting rooms, complying with recommended spacing between chairs; We have increased the use of outdoor spaces, namely balconies at The Lince Azores; At the outdoor pool (The Lince Nordeste), the lounge chairs are spaced out; Housekeeping and maintenance operations are mandatory without any guests in the room; Meals can be order for roomservice or to take away; meals at the restaurant will be served with prior reservation; The service in the restaurant will be carried out using à la carte menu, or alternatively and whenever appropriate, in a buffet service; The Kids Club and Business Center areas are closed;


Our employees are equipped with gloves (restaurant and bar not included) and protective mask or face shield; Housekeeping employees are equipped with aprons; We provide temperature measurement to all employees We have available for the guest a Safety Kit (charge may apply) which includes a protective mask, gloves and a disinfectant wipe; We have available to guests and employees alcohol-based antiseptic solution dispensers, placed in strategic spots of the hotel;


We have available to guests and employees alcohol-based antiseptic solution dispensers, placed in strategic spots of the hotel; We suggest that the luggage is handled directly by the guest. If requires, we ensure its cleaning and transportation; All equipment / items for common use (pens, POS, etc.) are properly disinfected after each use; Our Employees are committed to cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces, as defined by the Health Authorities. Detailed hygienization plans were reinforced for the hotel's operational areas; We promote the natural ventilation of the guest's common and private areas; water, air conditioning and ventilation systems are subjected to a strict cleaning and disinfection process; Our vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA filters; proper desinfection and replacement is guaranteed;


The hotel has 1 rooms for isolating people, guests or employees, identified as suspicious or confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the rules issued by the DGS; Our customer service at the reception will provide all the support that the guest may need in the context of isolation, as well as further communication with Health Authorities;


All employees got specific training on basic precautions for prevention and infection control to the outbreak of COVID-19, including hand washing procedures, respiratory etiquette and social distancing; We compel these same requirements to our partners: this way we promote social distancin with our local environment; We promote both theoretical and practical training, mainly on cleaning rooms, handling clothes and other hotel operations;


When using public indoor spaces, it is mandatory to use protective masks, as well as circulating in common areas; We encouraged you to increase hand hygiene, washing hands more frequently or using alcohol gel dispensers; Whenever possible, keep a safety distance of 1.5 / 2 meters from other guests and employees; Inform us of the period of absence from the room, when you want us to clean, sanitize and disinfect it; Make prior reservation for the restaurant services (roomservice, restaurant, take away and spa (treatments); The room service is delivered in a paper bag, with single-use packaging, and hanging from the door handle; Both in the rooms and other spaces of the hotel, we have limited non-essential items, namely the Room Directory, letters and menus. We provide digital information through a QR Code; We used the break time we had to improve the facilities, making the food and beverage offer even better. We are quite motivated to provide wellness experiences, as ambassadors of the quality of Azores Islands.

Certificate “CLEAN & SAFE”

Visit us and we will welcome you safely!

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